Group Buy enables you to come together with other importers to buy products from China at the best prices possible. All that is required to take advantage of this feature is to be a registered user of

Its common knowledge that the more of a particular product you buy from a supplier, the less the unit cost will be. The challenge faced by most importers is that they are unable to raise the capital required to buy the quantity of products that will attract the lowest unit cost. So, most mini importers buy the little they can at higher unit prices. This means that they are less competitive in the market as there are some large importers who sell well below the price they sell.

With the Group Buy feature, this problem is solved permanently. You can initiate a Group Buy and have others join you or you can join Group Buys created by others.

Once you register and activate your account, you will find, among other buttons in your dashboard, a set of orange buttons that on clicking opens various pages or sections of the Group Buy feature. Click each button to read a short description of what the page is about and to perform the activity the page has been designed for.

What you can do with the Spreadit Group Buy Feature

In the Spreadit Group Buy, you can do the following:

  1. Create a Group Buy.
  2. Join an active Group Buy.
  3. Promote a Group Buy you create to all or some of the registered users of This enables a Group Buy to be fully subscribed quickly.
  4. Share a Group Buy you create with people on social media. Your friends can join you to buy but they must have to create an account on to be able to do that. We recommend that you use your affiliate link when sharing the Group Buy opportunity with your friends who are not yet registered users of
  5. Specify the length of time a Group Buy can be active. We call this ‘wait time’.
  6. Vote to extend or not to extend wait time for an active Group Buy.

For Group Buys, you pay for shipping and all logistics cost when paying to join a Group Buy. This is quite unlike the normal ordering process where you pay for the purchase of your products and then later pay for shipping. This is the reason approval of a Group Buy usually takes 72 hours.

To start creating a Group Buy, click the button below to create a account.